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Everlasting thanks to Allah, who has bestowed His Guidance and granted us the love of His Messenger Muhammad (pbuh) and the devotion to his Sunnah, and our gratitude to Allah for making it possible to present this works; all praise is due Him.


A collection of 40 sermons for Friday prayers is presented here.  These can be used as a reference and an example.  These sermons were delivered on successive Fridays in the Islamic Education Center, Potomac, Maryland by Dr. R. Akbarian the Imam of the center.


The sermons were selected because of their remarkable substance and high quality.   While the contents are of theological and philosophical value they contain gems of not only the Quranic quotations but also the Hadith references.


The author is endowed with a wealth of knowledge of various disciplines in the sciences of Islam, but especially in philosophy.   He presented his sermons as the Imam al-Jama’ah of the IEC (Islamic Education Center).


Once the author Akbarian gave permission, the sermons were systematically collated, completely rewritten, edited, and arranged by Dr. A.S. Hashim to make them available for use by the general public. 


The sermons (Khutbas) can be used in the following manner:

  1. To be read as such by Imams who want to lead a Salat al-Jumu’ah, or

  2. The subject matter can be taken as an inspiration especially for its contents or subject material, or

  3. The Quranic references and Hadith can be used for similar subjects.


Please note that:

  1. References for the Quranic selection appear before each quote. 

  2. English references to the Hadith appear in footnotes at the end of the pages of the Khutba. 

  3. Arabic references appear in the endnotes at the end of each particular Khutba.


If one Khutba is used per one week this will cover 40 weeks, and they may be repeated randomly or reused again.  Hopefully and with Allah’s help these can be of value to all who will lead Friday prayers, and to all who listen to these Khutbas.  Permission is given to anyone (who leads Salat al-Jumu’ah) to use these Khutbas in Toto or in sections.


Please note:  The Khutba is part of Salat Jumu’ah and it consists of two parts with a brief intermission.  It is recommended to say a Du’aa at the beginning of each Khutba, and you may choose a Du’aa as written in pages 256-257.  Perhaps you may want to say a short Du’aa in English at the end of either Khutba.


We would like to thank Dr. R. Akbarian for sharing the usage of this wealth of Islamic knowledge and making it the instrument to better understanding of Islam.  We are grateful to him and his efforts.  May Allah bless him and his family for his dedication in the service of Islam, and we wish him the blessings and grace of the Almighty.



Dr. A. S. Hashim.


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