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      While Prophet Ibrahim was ener­getically spreading the cause of Allah, a nephew of his by the name of Loot was also performing his work.  Prophet Loot was working in Sodom, east of the Dead Sea in Palestine.

      Loot left Mesopotamia with Prophet Ibrahim to live in Palestine.  Allah then commanded him to help people in Sodom, because of their evil ways.  The people of Sodom were wicked, just as wicked as those of South Mesopotamia.

      Loot was foreign to the people of Sodom, but he was commanded by Allah to go to Sodom to teach them Allah's Directives.

      People living in Sodom were wicked and troublesome, and they used to do many evil things, most notorious of which was homosexuality.  The tribes of the area used to be jealous of each other, and because of that they hurt each other a great deal.  They formed groups to attack, steal, injure, and harm in­nocent people.

      Prophet Loot preached diligently, and he tried to help the people, convince them to be righteous, love Allah, and heed Him.  They listened to Loot at times, but few believed in him or his message.  They often refused to listen to him, and tried to hurt and ridicule him and his followers. Most of them wanted to continue in their evil ways.  They continued to steal, hurt, and kill.  (Surah  29:  Ayah  29.   Also Surah  7 :  Ayah  80-82.   Also Surah  21:  Ayah  74-75.)

      Time passed and Prophet Loot found the people unwilling to change.  He had only a few followers and the rest of Sodom continued as before, inclined to homosexuality, stealing, murdering, and destroying.  (Surah  26:  Ayah  162-163.)


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      One day, and to Loot's delight and surprise, three immaculate and handsome men visited Loot.  They were the same three angels who had recently visited Prophet Ibrahim.

      The three angels came to Loot with a message from Allah the Most High.  The message commanded Loot, his family, and the believers to leave town, since a dreadful occurrence was going to happen.  Loot's wife was to be excluded because she was actually a disbeliever. (Surah  15:  Ayah  57-60.   Also Surah  11:  Ayah  77-81.)

      Prophet Loot spread the word to leave.  The believers responded immediately, and by evening time, they all left with their belongings.  It was a long caravan, gratefully moving to safety and away from the wicked town.


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      As Loot and the believers left Sodom a sudden deafening sound ripped through the area.  A frightening thing shook the very earth from underneath, it was an earthquake, the likes of which was never seen.  The houses crumbled and collapsed as if they were toys.  The buildings were smashed to rubble, and huge fires were burning; the screams of panicked people could be heard from a distance.  Big rocks flew into the air just to fall with a devastating impact, to destroy the wicked.

      The houses and buildings fell on the people demolishing everything with no mercy.  Blood was everywhere, bodies lay motionless, faces in shock of pain, death and ruin.  The people of Sodom were caught by surprise and devastated by the quake.  They were the people who ignored Prophet Loot, they were the evil doers whom Allah wanted to fiercely punish.  Thus the disbelievers were thoroughly destroyed. (Surah  15:  Ayah  73-75.   Also Surah  7:  Ayah  83-84.   Also Surah  26:  Ayah  170-175.)

      Only Prophet Loot, his family, and the believers were saved.  They left to Palestine, where Prophet Loot continued his call for the belief in Allah and to worship Him.


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  1.  Is cousin of Ibrahim, he becomes Prophet

  2. People of Sodom are homosexual, disbelievers

  3. He advises people in Sodom of Allah's ways

  4. People don't believe him, mock him

  5. Three angels visit him, tell him to leave

  6. His wife (disbeliever) stays back

  7. Earthquake takes place, destroys everything

  8. Loot is saved with his followers

Isma'eel became a Prophet for the Arabic people of the time. From him Muhammad (pbuh) came as guidance and glad tidings to all humanity.



QUESTIONS   go to top of page

  1. How was Prophet Loot related to Ibrahim?

  2. Where did Loot live prior to moving to sodom?

  3. What were Allah's Commands to Loot?

  4. In which town did Loot preach?

  5. Describe the people's reaction to Loot's calling.

  6. Three angels came to see Loot with a message, what was that message?

  7. Describe the evil things for which people of Sodom are known.

  8. Explain what happened after Prophet Loot and the believers left Sodom.

  9. Was the wife of Prophet Loot with her husband when he left Sodom?

  10. Describe the earthquake that befell the area.

  11. Was anything left after the earthquake?

  12. What did Loot do after he left Sodom?