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Slide Shows about Variable Subjects
Link Description
The Crusades A brief account of the Crusades

Quran: 8 Prophesies fulfilled

Some Quranic Predictions analyzed

Fasting:     by Non-Muslims

Review of Fasting by Western writers
Islam for Christian Audience Brief description of Islam
Quran and Science.pps Science confirms many topics in the Holy Quran

Quran and Baby Formation.pps

Embryology and the Quran
65 Inspirational Quranic Quottes.pps Inspirational Quottes from the Holy Quran
Quran mentions some foods Nutritional value of foods mentioned in the Hoy Quran
Ahlul Bayt about the Shi'i Definition of the follower of Ahlul Bayt
God is always with us The presence of God
Ramadhan For Body and Soul Ramadhan Values
Ramadhan and Taq'wa Interaction between Ramadhan and Taq'wa
Ramadhan: Muhammad's Khutba Sermon about value of Ramadhan
Haj (Details-Arabic) Haj in Arabic and in Detail
Haj (Pilgrimage) Haj: Personal Perspective
Select Pictures of Haj, 2010 Many pictures of some aspects of Haj
The Hajj and Eid al-Adha 2011 In Focus Eid Pictures

History of Al-Ka'ba

The many features of the Ka'ba.
Mecca Old pictures Old pictures of Mecca and Al-Haram Al-Shareef

Mecca-More Old Pictures

Mecca as it used to be, very old pictures

Mecca in 2020 in YouTube Designs for Mecca of the future: YouTube
Masjids in 3 Dimensions Many Masjids In 3 Dimensions
Aqsa Mosque in YouTube See Al-Aqsa and Qubba Al-Sakhra in 3D
Du'aa Du'aa in English
Thomas Jefferson's Qur'an By: Sebastian R. Prange
Arabic Caligraphy Attractive Arabic calligraphy
World Shi'a Population

Shi'a statistics as of 2009 by Pew Research Institue.

Identity-Shi'a Version Identity-Shi'a Version
Identity-Sunni Version Identity-Sunni Version
A Man Changes Society How to change Secular to the Spiritual
Evolution of Madh'habs Evolution of Madh'habs
Basics  of Madh'habs Comparison of Basics
Salat-Shi'a-Sunni ways Salat rules according to Madh'habs

Hadith Collection, Sunni

Highlights of Hadith, Sunni Version
Hadith Collection, Shi'a Highlights of Hadith, Shi'a Version
Basics of Islam Fundamentals of Islam
Read the Quran Interesting Works
The Quran and Scientists Scientist about Quranic Verses
Islam, Numerology and the Number 19 BBC

The Spread of Islam  كيفية انتشار الاسلام

History of Propagation of the Muslim Faith

Hawza Ilmiyah.pps Brief info about Hawza Ilmiyah

Wonders of Micro-Macrocosm.

Go by Power of 10

Wonders: Fascinating Final

See it in 3 dimension
12 Largest Population Clusters In Our World Largest cities in our world
The Most Crowded Cities in the World! See how crowded you are and compare
Population Clock of the World Census of the World's Population
A_Ride_Thru_Space Enjoy the world underneath
Tallest Building Being Constructed The Burj in Dubai: Stages of Construction
Tallest Building: An Overview The Burj completed: An overview from the Burj
DUBAI: The Great City The amazing engineering
Enjoy your Age Philosophy of your age
Dealing with old age.pps Dealing with old age
Thoughts Reflections
Cordoba Flowers Still vibrant Cordoba
Andalucia (Andalus) Andalus in vibrant pictures
Istanbul General view of the city of Istanbul
Statistics: Muslims in USA Interesting Statistics