You are free to copy and paste any subject in this website. 

The material is meant to be educational and free for all. 

It is not copywrighted.


There are thirteen major links in this site, as follows:

  1. Series of Islamic Books for Beginners

  2. Schools of Thought (Madh'habs): A Shi'a-Sunni Dialogue

  3. Interesting Articles in English

  4. Interesting Articles in Arabic

  5. Listen-YouTube, in Arabic

  6. Multiple Choice Questions

  7. 40 Sermons of Jumu'ah Prayer

  8. Slide Shows in PowerPoint

  9. Themes of Nahjul Balaaghah

  10. Du'aas Translated

  11. Site's Statistics Monthly

  12. Site's Statistics Yearly (Current year and previous year.)

  13. Bulletin of Affiliation

When you click one of these links you are taken to a table that lists other links.  Before you click a link read the number of the book, the name of that book, the subject the book deals with, the content (Shi'a or Sunni, or for both), and its level when applicable.


The Series of Islamic Books is about:

  1. Faith

  2. Rituals

  3. History

  4. Quranic Selections

  5. Arabic Studies pertaining to Islam

        These books deal with material pertaining to:

  1. Shi'a Version of Islam

  2. Sunni Version of Islam, and

  3. Material shared by both Shi'a and Sunni

  4. Some books, as indicated, deal with one of three levels:

    1. Beginner

    2. Mid-Level

    3. Advanced

  5. The Series of Islamic Books for Beginners has been used in numerous Islamic weekend schools starting from the 70s up to the present time, both in the US and overseas.  More recently these books are distributed to converts to Islam in prison.


Schools of Thought (Madh'habs):

Madh'habs, a Shi'a-Sunni Dialogue is an advanced level discussion of interesting subjects.  It explains Shi'a as well as Sunni approach to Hadith, Salat, Evolution of different Islamic Schools of Though (Madh'habs), Ahlul Bayt (family of the Prophet), Holy Sanctuaries, and outstanding personalities.


Interesting Articles:

The English and the Arabic version of these articles are the exclusive opinion of the writers.  The subjects are of religious interest and material is added as it becomes available.


Multiple Choice Questions:

The multiple choice questions come in sets of about 50 questions each.  They are about various books in the Series of Islamic Books in this website.  They are fun to use, and come in PowerPoint


40 Sermons of Jumu'ah Prayer:

The 40 Khutbas were delivered by Dr. Akbarian and rewritten and edited by Dr. Hashim, the author of the other books mentioned above.


Slide Show in PowerPoint:

The Slide Shows of variable subjects can be downloaded and used for educational purposes, lectures or otherwise.  This dynamic and variable area can be reached often since it tends to keep adding new material as time allows.


Themes of Nahjul Balaaghah:

Twenty seven themes (Subject matter) of the sermons of Imam Ali are translated in easy to understand English.  Translation of the meaning rather than literal wording is pursued.


What is meant by Du'aas translated:

The Du'aas of the Imams are translated by their meaning rather than by literal wording.  They are categorized too to become easier to understand.  Only major Du'aas will appear

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