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Articles by Abdul Latif Aljiburi
Hijab and Muslim women’s dress code   Islam-Pure and Simple
Sectarianism is not Islamic  
Is Islam compatible with science?   
Oneness of the Creator & the Authenticity of the Quran  
Islam: Pure and Simple (Part #1)  
Islam: Pure and Simple (Part #2)  
Islam: Pure and Simple (Part #3)  
Islam: Pure and Simple (Part #4)  
Islam: Pure and Simple (Part #5)  
ISLAMIC ETHICS:   Character  الخُلُقٍ  
ISLAMIC ETHICS: Righteousness   #الْبِرَّ  1  
ISLAMIC ETHICS: Righteousness # الْبِرَّ 2  
ISLAMIC ETHICS: Righteousness # الْبِرَّ 3  
ISLAMIC ETHICS: Patience الصبر and other qualities  
ISLAMIC ETHICS: Avoiding many situations  
ISLAMIC ETHICS: Peace and Civility  
ISLAMIC ETHICS: Responsibility and Moderation  
ISLAMIC ETHICS: Charity, No Usury  
ISLAMIC ETHICS: Decency, Propriety, and Purity  
The fallacy of the smear campaign against Prophet Muhammad  
Two Versions of Muslims  


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