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Articles by Yasin Aljibouri
Preface: The Holy Quran Al-Hisab: The Reckoning: الحساب Books by Yasin Aljibouri

Dhuhoor or The Reappearance ظهور

Al-Mizan: The Scales of Deeds الميزان HOLY QUR'AN Translated

Al-Husain: Lessons of a Lifetime

Delivering the Book of Deeds تسليم صحيفة الأعمال


Du'aas Relevant to Death of a Person

The Straight Path الصراط المستقيم

Highlights of Yasin Al-Jibouri #1

As-Sirat Al-Mustaqeem  الصراط المستقيم

Prophet's Background and Immediate Family

Highlights: Yasin Al-Jibouri, Dr Hashim, and Dr. Haeri #2

Karbala and Beyond

Fadak Re-Visited

A brief biography of the founder of Wahhabism

Husain's Successors: Nine Infallible Imams

Will of Imam Ali (ع) to his son al-Hasan (ع) Part One

When fast is prohibited

Ghadir Khumm غدير خم

Will of Imam Ali (ع) to his son al-Hasan (ع) Part Two

Selections about Fasting

Faith and Loving Others

A Tribute to Shaikh Al-Tusi


Fatima (ع) Daughter of Muhammed (ص)

The founder of Wahhabism


A Brief History of the Shrime of Imam Husain

Covenant of the Prophet to the Christans of Najran


Abu Hurayra and the Falsification of Hadith

The Shi`a-Sunni Subject


Du'aa for Repentance دعاء التوبة

أصنام العرب قبل الاسلام


SUPPLICATION: Essence of worship "الدعاء مخ العبادة"

The Harra Incident: واقعة الحرة: عندما هاجم "مسلمون" الكعبة  

Grave's Constriction (pressure) ضغطة القبر


Questioning by Munkir and Nakeer سؤال منكر و نكير

The Barzakh  البرزخ    
Qiyama: Judgment Day  يوم القيامه    
Al-Hashr The Gathering الحشر    

Series of Islamic Books for Beginners

You may order any of the books from the author.  Cost $10.00.  Shipping is $3.00.  Write check in the amount of $13.00 and mail to the address below. You can call to verify the order.  Make sure to print your name, address, and phone number.

Published by Quran Account, Inc

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These books have been used in Islamic Weekend Schools since the Seventies.  They contain material fit for the novice as well as the seeker of Islamic knowledge of a higher degree.  Your comments are highly appreciated.  Enjoy your reading and May Allah bless you with His Abundance and Grace.  Be in Allah's Care.