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Author: Imam Zainul Abideen


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مناجاة الزاهدين

In Communion of the Staunchly Pious


Arabic by way of

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Edited and categorized by Dr. Hashim


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إلهِي أَسْكَنْتَنا داراً حَفَرَتْ لَنا حُفَرَ مَكْرِها. وَعَلَّقَتْنا بِأَيْدِي الْمَنايا فِي حَبائِلِ غَدْرِها،

فَإلَيْكَ نَلْتَجِئُ مِنْ مَكآئِدِ خُدَعِها، وَبِكَ نَعْتَصِمُ مِنَ الاغْتِرارِ بِزَخارِفِ زِيْنَتِهَا،

فَإنَّهَا الْمُهْلِكَةُ طُلاَّبَهَا،


الْمُتْلِفَةُ حُلاَّلَهَا،


الْمَحْشُوَّةُ بِالافاتِ،


الْمَشْحُونَةُ بِالنَّكَباتِ.

O Lord, My God!  You have settled us in an abode which has dug pits of deception, and You have tied us to the demise of the snares of treachery!
bulletSo in Thee we seek asylum from the tricks of its guile, and to Thee we hold fast, lest we be deluded by the glitter of its ornaments!
bulletSince it destroys its pursuers
bulletand ruins its settlers,
bulletand it is stuffed with blights
bulletand is loaded with the tragic.


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إلهِي فَزَهِّدْنا فِيها، وَسَلِّمْنا مِنْها بِتَوْفِيقِكَ وَعِصْمَتِكَ،


وَانْزَعْ عَنَّا جَلابِيبَ مُخالَفَتِكَ،

bulletوَتَوَلَّ أُمُورَنا بِحُسْنِ كِفايَتِكَ،
bulletوَأَوْفِرْ مَزِيدَنا مِنْ سَعَةِ رَحْمَتِكَ،
bulletوَأَجْمِلْ صِلاتِنا مِنْ فَيْضِ مَواهِبِكَ،
bulletوَاغْرِسْ فِي أَفْئِدَتِنا أَشْجارَ مَحَبَّتِكَ،
bulletوَأَتْمِمْ لَنا أَنْوارَ مَعْرِفَتِكَ،
bulletوَأَذِقْنا حَلاوَةَ عَفْوِكَ، وَلَذَّةَ مَغْفِرَتِكَ،
bulletوَأَقْرِرْ أَعْيُنَنا يَوْمَ لِقآئِكَ بِرُؤْيَتِكَ،
bulletوَأَخْرِجْ حُبَّ الدُّنْيا مِنْ قُلُوبِنا كَما فَعَلْتَ بِالصَّالِحِينَ مِنْ صَفْوَتِكَ، وَالأَبْرارِ مِنْ خاصَّتِكَ

بِرَحْمَتِكَ يا أَرْحَمَ الرَّاحِمِينَ، وَيا أَكْرَمَ الأَكْرَمِينَ.

My God, induce us to renounce it, and keep us safe from it by Thy good help, and by preserving us.


And strip from us the robes of opposing Thee,


And attend to our affairs through Thy good sufficiency,


And amplify our increase from the boundless plenty of Thy mercy,


And be liberal in our gifts from the overflow of Thy grants,


And plant in our hearts the buttress of Thy love,


And complete for us the lights of Thy knowledge,


And give us to taste the sweetness of Thy pardon and the pleasure of Thy forgiveness,


And gladden our eyes on the day of meeting Thee with the vision of Thee,


And dislodge the love of this world from our hearts, just as You have done for the righteous (Thy selected friends), and the pious whom You have singled out!

O Most Merciful of the merciful, O Most Generous of the most generous!


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