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December 2008
Written and composed by
Sayyid Ali Abbas
December 2008
Washington, DC

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Karbala your tragedy we will narrate

Till the skies illuminate, with the light you radiate


Buried in your heart the son of Fatima
Warith of Adam wa Nooh al-Mustafa
That Hussain Ibne Ali al-Murtadha
Who Defied Every Zulm-e-Ashqiya
With his final cry you still still reverberate

He who taught us how to beat adversity
Never compromise on our humanity
He who fought violence with generosity
And became the standard of integrity
Only if his model we could emulate

Karbala your message is pristine and pure
Never be unjust nor injustice endure
Wealth and power never should inspire awe
Everything you heard and everything you saw
Till our final breaths we shall commemorate

Kerbala you would be lost in history
And Ali Akbar wa Abbas-e-Jaree
Were it not for Seyyida Zainab’s sa’ee
In the court of arrogance and tyranny
Now forever will her khutbahs resonate

Every Ashura we Shi'a must renew
Kerbala’s anthems in our character too
Our mourning should inspire what we do
Only then can we deliver what is due
Maula help our speech and actions integrate


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