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Lengthy Du'aas

Munajat of Imam Zainul Abideen


Short Du'aas

Du'aa Al-Husain on Arafat 1. Munajat of the Repenters

مناجاة التائبين

Du'aa of Unity (Wihda)
Du'aa Kumayl 2. Munajat of one with Complaints

مناجاة الشاكين

Du’aa by Attributes of God

Du'aa Abu Hamza Thamali

3. Munajat of the Frightened

مناجاة الخائفين

Du’aa of Revealer of Beauty

Du'aa Iftitah

4. Munajat of the Hopeful مناجاة الراجين Du'aa al-Faraj (Relief)

Du'aa of Sahar  

5. Munajat of the Beseechers مناجاة الراغبين Du’aa for Al-Mahdi

Du'aa al-Tawassul 

6. Munajat of the Thankful

مناجاة الشاكرين Du’aa of Tareef

Du'aa of Obedience

7. Munajat of the Obedient to God مناجاة المطيعين لله Du’aa Before Iftaar

Du'aa of the Disabled 

8. Munajat of the Devotees مناجاة المريدين Du’aa of Ramadhan After Prayers

Du’aa of Asharaat     

9. Munajat of the Lovers of Allah

مناجاة المحبّين Du’aa Qunoot of Eid Prayers

Du'aa Mujeer      

10 Munajat of the Beseechers of Allah

مناجاة المتوسّلين Du’aa After Subh Salat

Du'aa Nudba      

11 Munajat of the Needy

مناجاة المفتقرين Du’aa After Dhuhr Salat

Du'aa-Ziyarah al-Kabirah

12 Munajat of the Knowledgeable مناجاة العارفين Du’aa After Asr Salat


13 Munajat of those who keep Recalling مناجاة الذاكرين Du’aa After Maghrib Salat

Audio: Du'aa Jawshan Kabir

14 Munajat of the ones who hold fast مناجاة المعتصمين Du’aa After Ishaa' Salat
  15 Munajat of the Staunchly Pious مناجاة الزاهدين Du'aa for the Day of Sunday
      Du’aa for the Day of Monday
      Du’aa for the Day of Tuesday
      Du’aa for the Day of Wednesday

Nauha: Hal Mim Nasirin Yansuruna

Nauha for Ashuraa   Du’aa for the Day of Thursday
Nauha-Karbala will narate Nauha for Ashuraa   Du’aa for the Day of Friday
Nauha-Zainab and Husain Nauha for Ashuraa   Du’aa for the Day of Saturday
Seyyidush-Shuhuda, Imamul-Insi-wal Jinna, Husain Nauha for Ashuraa    
Listen to a Select Du'aa Select a Du'aa and wait for loading    

Series of Islamic Books for Beginners

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These books have been used in Islamic Weekend Schools since the Seventies.  They contain material fit for the novice as well as the seeker of Islamic knowledge of a higher degree.  Your comments are highly appreciated.  Enjoy your reading and May Allah bless you with His Abundance and Grace.  Be in Allah's Care.